Accidental Texan

West Texas. Those two words conjure up certain imagery, especially for those of us who have done the Dallas or Austin to Los Angeles drive more than once. Eight to 12 hours just to get to El Paso. Sometimes by fate or accident, or both, you can get stuck in Texas.

DUNE 2 Hits Every Beat

You will feel every moment, if you let it take you. Feel your muscles as they tense. Harsh environments, relentlessly knocking, wait for an answer. DUNE denies humanity. But only […]

Sometimes Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

But the film is not without its merits. Brian Cranston (If you don’t know who Tim Whatley, Hal Wilkerson, or Walter White are, you’re a lost cause) plays a brilliant antagonist. The always-amazing Sam Rockwell steals the show, Bryce Dallas Howard is great as the reluctant participant in the whole scenario. Excellent gunplay and choreography.