I.S.S. As Above, So Below

There needs to be a return to raunchy humor. Dogs might pull in the parents and kids, but Strays is real, and raunchy, dirty dog humor. Strays is what exalts the stray in all humanity, men, it’s mostly men who can relate. Lost animals, running wild, feeling unabashed, abandoned, and unloved in their life…. with some hidden shame wait.

The Von Erich Curse

By the end of the 60’s, Fritz Von Erich, father of the Iron Claw, had six boys with his wife Doris. Five of them never living to see the age […]

Nicholas Cage On Being An NPC

By Alyson Powers@M1ssPowers What you find fulfilling in film isn’t necessarily what your parents or children or friends find fulfilling. We might all agree well-written screenplays gift the ability to […]