They Always Get Their Shot

17th Dallas International Film Festival

Dude Perfect. Is it sports or is it not?
ESPN seems to think yes. 

Living the Dream as a definition would be … waking up every day excited about your job. Do you agree? Your alarm never screams at you in the hateful early morning hours followed by your groans only for you to hit snooze fifteen times. Why? Because you are doing the exact thing in life that gives you happiness, and purpose. Born at the start of this century, and ever growing, is the rise of self-employment in the form of home videos. If you can find a thing, THE thing, and you excel at that, whether it is tying shoelaces or weaving baskets, as long as you are passionate about, you know how to intrigue with your delivery, and you are at least mildly talented at, then your skill can be exploited for the world to see. It might even make you a millionaire. 

Coby Cotton takes a New Shepherd Rocket out of the atmosphere possibly to promote their affiliated crypto MOONDAO. This crypto is not available through Robinhood FYI. I checked.

The boys (now men) who make up Dude Perfect decided to share a part their journey into this sports-equated gem created merely by just being boys: roughhousing and enjoying every minute of it. Dude Perfect is a ‘who can make the most unbelievable random shot’ show. And it’s addictive. Produced by ESPN, this documentary / recap of Dude Perfect highlights or rather centers around one of their greatest feats and jumps track to weave through various milestones. The “core” of their mission’s greatness, now deemed a permanent record of the most impossible shot, is adventure. I mean yes competition, but ultimately adventure. When their documentary focuses on the less adventurous more familial details, that’s when it grabs you. The guys call it out at some point. What is posted versus what actually goes on behind the scenes. More of that here would have been nice. Plugs follow alluding more outtake episodes will be soon added in their lineup. DP outtakes so far have proven more popular than they expected. To be sure this is what most people want. It is how we relate. Reality TV is not dead!

Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, and Coby and Cory Cotton are all married and brimming with children.

The beginning group all (almost all) roomed together while attending Texas A & M. …..Imagine that house. Then one day following days and days of goofing off? Six guys make a bet on who’s buying lunch and tadaa, a star is born. To tell about the players would be to spoil this docu-reality-quest because its mission is to introduce you to each of the team. By the way, yes they have been recorded in sports circles as just that, a team of athletes. Once they realized the wide world of Guinness records “sports” yet to be born, they never looked back. The film prioritizes the boys-to-men evolution, but definitely leaves a lot of room for interested people to explore their segments. I wanted more of the challenges or random videos that have pushed them to success, but this documentary (possibly intentionally) leaves many steppingstones out. Its timeline threw me off a little, but the message is clear. Their audience and their purpose are now the shot they will always go after. They will forever seek the clean flair of simply finding ways to have fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

It was during the tours they found new purpose as they realized the enormous population of youth looking to them.

Dude Perfect’s entire agenda reassures us that wholesomeness still exists. You don’t have to turn on your media or worry about your children loving this show. The feelings of bombardment are not here … by drama, ideology, politics, unreasonable reality tv, vapid gossip, or filters never knowing what is what anymore. Wholesomeness exists in the form of college boys curing boredom. And in the best of ways: by throwing balls around. By being forever kids and playing to that demographic they are certain to capture hearts. Lord knows we need this type of purity for youth. Families with younger kids can enjoy a non-cartoon show together on the lighter forms of life and learn what it’s like to have fun without staring at a screen all day. (Coincidentally, as they stare at a screen. It’s what they do after hopefully which is something outside and not throwing things in the house. 😉 )

The Dude Perfect team realized at some point also, this was why they had to keep going. Their inspiration meant too much to too many people. So now they can be titled as legends and heroes. Adding it to their repertoire of greatest career days ever and you have magic. And the magic continues in Frisco Texas. The team was recently awarded a 100-million-dollar budget to build the ultimate impossible trick-shots amusement park. We live here and we will definitely be going, especially after my personal Dude! Perfect! impossible key shot a couple of weeks ago. So. Game On. Let’s go.

Not a video. But find them on X.
15th Dallas International Film Festival