Review: Joker Is A Slowburn of a Different Kind

15th Dallas International Film Festival

Everything feels too close for comfort in DC’s latest version of Joker. No more superpowers or resistance to pain, or extravagant clothing, or wealth.

This human lives among us now in an altered mental state and engulfed in dreamed delusions. Is anyone so far off of this mark at any given moment?

And all it takes are a few pushes— in the wrong direction. 

DC finally embraces its original mission statement: To bring a light of truth through the darkness. No longer are they Marvel wannabes who attempt humor at the expense of dignity.

Although the Joker is a comedian, the film stands void of any comic relief, when relief is amply needed. “Successfully suppressed” might describe your position, and your feelings, as you continue your journey with  Phoenix who always fully commits to an intimate relationship with his character. Growing into his part, we share in discovering the unbearable intimacy of knowing someone who is afflicted in almost every way. Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator) as Arthur Fleck will be Best Actor this year, easily.

This is not a typical comic book story. Not an adventure. Not a revolutionary. Not feel good. It is a masterful film noir that no longer implements the typical surface techniques to achieve the genre, but rather reaches a real desolate place in the mind-body spirit realm and defines humanity this way through a series of delusional desires.

Your femme fatale? Your angel? We all need a lot of the sweet Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2) in our lives by the end.

A life to bring happiness, in a world of torment and evil men. This is the original method of operation for Arthur Fleck. I hope a “movement” in the wrong direction isn’t spurred by the brutality in this film. 

Theaters have stated the concerns this screening brings to the thoughts a cncerns related to the Arora Hills “Dark Knight” shooting.

And next, how will Robert Pattinson (Twilight Saga) play nemesis to this humble villain? Which has been stated by director/ producer Todd Phillips (The Hangover) has stated that these two don;t live in the same universe and that Joker is a prequeal, however we can always ponder and dream.

SPOILER ALERT: remember when I was Joker’s Puddin Harley Quinn? In Sam Franklin limo at the best Halloween Party everrr.

15th Dallas International Film Festival