Author: Daniel Durrett

Multiverseee—WohooWeee Check My Pants!

Doctor Strange still dealing with the issues of the multiverse leftover from Spiderman no way home is the basis of the story told in the multiverse of madness. Knowing so little about this multidimensional universe doc dirt strange reaches out to Wanda Maximoff for assistance and understanding, but soon learns the only assistance he may receive could come from the Scarlet Witch.

National Champions – Worth the Pay to Play?

Who will truly decide the national champions, will Nike, will Reebok, or will Under Armor decide our national champions or will ESPN answer the call to tell us who’s exists as the best of our national sports landscape? The future is unclear now as corporate interests invade the field to garnish student athletes’ social media feed and influence.

Black Wideo Movie Poster

Black Widow Stings True

Marvel’s forte into the female helmed Black Widow provides all any Marvel fans could want, and more. A female story, starring the female Avenger, check. An Avenger movie directed by […]