Author: Daniel Durrett

Just Say No! To Feeding Bears Cocaine

A true tale from the 80s era of excess, just say no and finds its way to the silver screen. Not hard to find the humor in a bear on cocaine, unless you’re on the receiving end of teeth and claws. Smartly, seeing the lore surrounding the 1985 newscasts that covered the incident of a bear overdosing on cocaine, Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect, Hunger Games) has taken this story to new heights.

Damn Y’all Did Lots of Drugs in the ‘70s

Ok!!!…. Before I tell you what’s up with Ant-Man and why you MUST see this film! If, you are really a Marvel fan!.. No seriously… A Gawd’ Damned MARVEL FAN!!!
It is PHASE 5’s first film,.. do you NOT remember how crazy the last two segments have been with world/universe-swapping stuff. Well to tell this layer of a story you have to introduce the story in steps that can’t be too steep, and may not pay off till later (for your mind) but is that not truly more satisfying.

Football Fun At Any Age

The film comes down to the elements of story and action, and 80 For Brady delivers the full field of football, character antics, and fun! There is no real way to lose with such iconic casting. Rudy and Brian’s Song are for crying in front of your girlfriend for a guaranteed, But Unnecessary Roughness and The Program exist to enthuse the youthful male, and Draft Day for a more thoughtful look at the NFL, 80 For Brady connects all the levels of a Football film.

A Heartfelt Return To ‘A Christmas Story

This film is closer to the original “A Christmas Story” than any other of the renditions like the Daniel Stern (Home Alone, City Slickers) “A Christmas Story 2” a very sad return to the franchise. Then most recently, the Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids) helmed, A Christmas Story Live is strong proof of this holiday classic.

Visual Journal of the Spielberg Home

The Fabelmans is an Oscar contender. Of course, it seems to be a foregone conclusion given the man behind the story, Steven Spielberg, and the abundance of promotional press on media landscapes.

In my limited knowledge and experience watching people grow into their personalities… well they change in a quirky or eccentric or even radical way.