No Time To Die: Where Do We Go From Here?

17th Dallas International Film Festival

By Alyson Powers

James Bond has been and will always personify the goals and aspirations of men. In addition, he embodies the fairy tales and  fulfills the fantasies of women. He’s unassuming. He is a natural sexcon for the ages.

The innate quality required to a be a Bond: a protector impossible to shake at the or core even physically (although his martinis can be); endless resourcefulness to match any situation; and well what else is there in life. The traits of Bond girl: soft, mild, and misunderstood; immensely cunning and holding numerous tricks up her sleeve and with a wildly dangerous man protecting her.  Is it not a dream come true for any female?

No Time to Die is the 27th installment on the Bond franchise. It picks up the story where Bond has left MI6 for the simple life in the Caribbean. Not the place we would be expecting to find our apex of masculinity: in retirement. The thought seems to contradict all that a Bond guy should be. Unfortunately for Bond (not for us), the respite is short-lived.

He must pick his dagger and cloak to aid a fellow clandestine agent and rescue a kidnapped scientist. Now we are on to the something. Navigating his return from obscurity, he finds that the trial of the missing scientist is more perilous than he bargained. He is once again pitted against a lethal villain with dangerous new technologies. Our Bond girl is also up for the task and meets all of requirements. Complete masculinity meets pure feminism. So, the franchise formula is complete, and James is free to assume typical Bond modus operandi. So, we are all set for another fantastic Bond franchise voyage, right?

The film is inspired and influenced by recent events and has several character cameos peppered throughout. I found many of these characters confusing as they would appear and disappear with no background development of connecting to other characters in the story. And our Bond in Not Time To Die grapples with his mortality in a way that peeled back a layer of the onion. Unfortunately, this was a layer that created a different feeling for me. I felt sad. It’s a verry sad James. Bond. And sad is not the emotion I wanted to take away from it. It was not the way I wanted to remember it.

Make no mistake, No Time to Die is wonderful in many ways. The action does not disappoint. . It is a tale which embodies complete masculinity intersecting pure feminism. The Bond franchise has successfully placed another arrow into the quiver.

I have a deep affection for the Bond franchise. I do; however, admit some favoritism. Skyfall tops my list of greatest Bond films to date. No Time to Dies complete the fantasy and yet destroys for me at the same time. The movie presents an irony for me; however brilliantly composed, is a gateway to what’s to be. A segue to a new chapter in the Bond franchise: A female 007? Not to be anti-anything, just to change it up. I suppose.

I don’t need a female Bond movie. Black Widow has been my favorite this year so far. Also, the film is 3 hours long, people. If you go, know that in advance.

15th Dallas International Film Festival