2022 Oak Cliff Film Festival

To Tell A Tale Of The Long Road Home

A story of the wonder of life and the process of aging told in an astonishing maneuver, director and writer Collin West shares his process of dealing with his own grandfather’s death, with a unique telling of the process of aging that has ever been brought to the screen.

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” After Blue begins by chronicling humanities exodus from a dying earth to the cosmos in search of a new home. That brings them to a faraway planet called After Blue. On the surface, it looks to be the utopia needed to reset humanity. This not to be the case.

Summertime Film Fun Is Not Far Away

The Oak Cliff Film Festival has grown into one of Dallas’s best festivals, the anchor of the festival being The Texas Theatre, and this may be the greatest strength a strength that was on show last year by being the first film fest to feel normal after the pandemic