Don’t Fear of All the Spider-people This Spider-verse is Awesome

17th Dallas International Film Festival

By Daniel R. Durrett

There’s just no way around it,.. what was created with “Into the Spider-verse” was going to be a massively difficult film to follow up. The sequel had little chance, with the original -Oscar award-winner. “Into the Spider-verse” did just that. It brought the audience into a new universe different from that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A universe of a new Spider-man superhero in a world within their own universe, where due to a scientific experiment in multi-dimensional travel caused crashes between these Universes. Much like the occurrence in “Spider-man: No Way Home”.

This cartoon universe may only be a cartoon because that’s what the universe is and with, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street), at the helm you know it will be fully formed and unique way that will stretch your brain. You may want to consider these mind-activating activities before screening this film.

And… this is where we find ourselves now with “Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse”, the sequel to “Into the Spider-verse”.

The lines between universes in the MCU appear to become thinner and thinner as the Marvel Cinematic Universe trains its new audience the concept of multi-verses something that has existed within the Spider-man comics for a considerable amount of time.

We went into the story of Miles Morales voiced by Shameik Moore (Dope, Wu-Tang: An American Saga) in this second telling of the Spider-verse new normal as this Spider-man who’s comfortable in his spider suit but just as Peter Parker had difficulty in keeping a schedule due to the nature of Spider-man’s job Miles has this difficulty, as well.

The biggest thing in this future multiverse of Spider-mans from all corners of each variance and originality in so many universes is a uniquely new conceptual process to break the rules of an Artists created world to the point the Art can expand and grow on its own.

There is more to see in this film than the eye can take into your brain in one single screening. You will find yourself wanting to go back and see this movie again and again.

Every item of this process has been ramped up to a massive explosion of excitement, with more Spider-men and Spider-creatures, more universes and variance existing around each corner of this story than you are not fully prepared to view.

Even through the action of the expansion on the Spider-verse, the audience will learn more about Miles’s family the mother and the father, and how they connect to their son, yet still unaware of his abilities and hobbies. We learned the variant on other universes of his mother and father and uncle, who are in other universes are different but have similarities. They also may affect other characters of the Spider-man of their world and possibly beyond their home world.

Possibly one of the greatest expansions within this new story is the inclusion of so many Spider-worlds. The audience is also provided with the inclusion of live-action cameos from the live-action universes. These are represented in discussion and even in visualization within this new Spider-verse.

Don’t think we will be missing Gwen Stacy voiced by Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, The Edge of Seventeen) As hers and Miles’s relationship grows and expands to new levels and heights. Large portions of this story were provided to the growth in their relationship within this film as Peter B connected with Miles in the previous movie.

Not only are Miles and Gwen an expansion throughout this story, but we learn more about Gwen and her world and her connective relationships, and the history of her universe.

What we might expect for the new universe and follow-up film may just be the best part ahead, considering what type of jump that was experienced within this Marvel world.

This new “Spot” voiced by Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, Moonrise Kingdom) as a supervillain might seem like a humorous ploy for Spiderman to connect badly developed as a superhero in his universe could seem like a bad reach at best, however, both characters have a wonderful growth within this story.

As well Oscar Isaac’s (Ex Machina, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens) portrayal of the leader Miguel O’Hara and motivator of the spider versus collection record and oversight gives massive depth to such a vast universe. Isaac does much to layer a unique Spiderman and truly challenge Miles in his growth as a Spiderman.

Peter B. Parker voiced by Jake Johnson (New Girl, Jurassic World) makes a mentor’s appearance giving not only a humorous break but providing the much-needed fatherly figure in understanding his Spider-senses and Spider-powers. Just as he taught Miles to swing, he now teaches much more to Miles as well as to his baby girl. Which shows Miles is a positive influence on Peter B.

The connected nature between these two Spider-men is the delightful repartee between the characters whom we all connected with in “Into the Spider-verse”. And was one of the best parts of seeing this comic on the big screen.

Much can be said about the work Lord and Miller and directors; Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson did to maintain the moving comic look of the first film while extending massive amounts of story. There are so many small bubbles of text added for moments just like a comic book would show you to broaden your understanding of the characters’ hopes, thoughts, and dreams or the action uniquely and insightfully.

This film has turned up the story to 11. If you love the first film, you are now going to be obsessed with this second. This film is about as close to a Spider-Man fan’s wet dream.

Lord and Miller may be swinging toward their second Spider-verse Oscar.

The layers within this film visually are unyielding and so actively present that the thought of what went into their creation is even more vast than I could begin to imagine. Visually this will be a film you want to own on DVD so you can pause and catch everything that was provided upon the plate of this story and the visualization to get to devour upon screening.

The newest film is headed our way in March of 2024 so there’s not much time to wait for the follow-up two across the Spider-verse.

15th Dallas International Film Festival