It’s Now Time for Something “DIFF”

17th Dallas International Film Festival

By Roderick R. Crowder


The time has come for the 17th Dallas International Film Festival. DIFF 2023 will host the evets at the Violet Crown Theater in West Village Uptown. DIFF 2023 will begin on April 28 and conclude on May 5, 2023. 

This year’s festival boasts films from 60 countries, with standouts “Blue Jeans” from Newcastle England, and “The Origin of Evil” from Chile. The first 17 film of the festival have already been announced. Below of a brief summary of each (courtesy of

A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE: HOW THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL HAPPENED (Documentary), is the tale of the ill-fated The Star Wars Holiday Special.

BAD PRESS (Documentary) showcases how Angel Ellis, a citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, fights alongside her free press Myskoke Media reporters for government transparency and access to information.

BLUE JEAN (Drama) takes place in Newcastle, England, in 1988 at a time when the conservative government is on the brink of passing legislation that stigmatizes the gay and lesbian population.

BREAKING THE CODE (Documentary) is the story of legendary Fort Worth artist Vernon Fisher. Born to rural Texas farmers in 1943.

CHOCOLATE LIZARDS (WORLD PREMIERE) will world premiere at DIFF 2023 with a comedy/adventure about Erwin Vandeveer.

GIBSON ICONS: REX BROWN OF PANTERA (Documentary) Renowned worldwide, Rex Brown and his Texas brethren forged a blueprint with the DFW-based band Pantera that’s been studied by nearly every hard rock and heavy metal band that has followed. 

INTO THE SPOTLIGHT (WORLD PREMIERE) is a heartfelt story of how a script, a stage, and a theater program composed of adults with disabilities celebrate their creativity, explore life’s complexities, and empower a community.

IT’S ONLY LIFE AFTER ALL (Documentary) is an intimate look into the lives of the Indigo Girls, one of the most iconic American folk-rock bands. 

KAREN CARPENTER: STARVING FOR PERFECTION (Documentary) is a captivating and unvarnished documentary about Karen Carpenter.

MAX ROACH: THE DRUM ALSO WALTZES (Documentary) is the story of an American jazz musician balance his ambitions against the inequities of the society around him.

SAVAGE (WORLD PREMIERE) is an inspiring and intimate portal into the world’s most dangerous sport of bull riding.

SK8 GIRLZ (Documentary) will world premiere with an underdog story that documents the rise of an all-female skateboarding team.

THE DOLDRUMS (WORLD PREMIERE) is a not-coming-of-age and anti-musical centered around three friends.

THE ETERNAL MEMORY (Spanish Documentary) is a Chilean film that follows a Augusto and Paulina. challenges when Augusto is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

THE NEW AMERICANS: GAMING A REVOLUTION (Documentary) is a meme-driven journey into the intersection of finance, media, and extremism.

THE ORIGIN OF EVIL (Thriller/Drama) is a French and Canadian film about a fish cannery worker’s journey to connect with newly discovered family.

THE WILD MAN (Drama) follows a young journalist who travels to Florida to investigate young women that have been going missing.

Tickets and Badges may be purchased at Let embace the “DIFF”erence film can make. See you there.

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