Multiverseee—WohooWeee Check My Pants!

17th Dallas International Film Festival

By Daniel R. Durrett

This latest chapter appears to be the string that will tie the future Marvel universe together within its ever-expanding multi-universe of story lines. Many times, has the story expanded in the manner of a transitional tesseract, one of the best preparatory tools a fan can use for this expansion can be the Disney Plus anime of “What If….?”

Doctor Strange still dealing with the issues of the multiverse leftover from Spiderman no way home is the basis of the story told in the multiverse of madness. Knowing so little about this multidimensional universe doc dirt strange reaches out to Wanda Maximoff for assistance and understanding, but soon learns the only assistance he may receive could come from the Scarlet Witch.
Many fans of the MCU could find themselves extremely confused by where this films storyline could take them.

My traditional reviews would typically only cover thoughts about the film included within the trailer. This film is quite difficult to cover given those parameters, so half of the review will not have any spoilers but after the warning follow the link to the madness filled version of this review.
Given the fact that you have a main character referenced in the trailer in only 3 shots, is a good indication that the trailer may be one of the best trailers in sometime. Trailer these days give it all away, when it comes to selling the story but could only fill the need of what it takes with marketing to get butts into the seats.
So, this is a point where I will give a Yellow Warning for spoilers

Though Majors has appeared in the MCU’s expanded universe in Loki, as He Who Remains, which is a fully different character from his Ant-Man 3 character, Kang the Conqueror. Who is the next big bad for the MCU, and the one thing that is a hard truth for the next phase is that though presented confusingly, Majors fully fills the boots of Kang the Conqueror in every way possible.


And I am not just writing this due to his Texas roots, but the layered way he seems to approach any of his characters. Which I am sure was the draw for Marvel casting Majors as Kang.


Returning to helm the grand little world of AntMan is Director, Peyton Reed (Yes Man, Bring It On), who directed the previous Ant-Man films and had the mammoth job of bringing this immense realm to the screen. But as I said to friends with the introduction of AntMan that this was the world seeing in 3-D.

The comedic stylings of Jeff Loveness (Rick and Morty, Miracle Workers) are on full display which is one of the funniest Marvel films to date. The craziness in the multi-verse of thought is a shared process between Rick & Morty’s world and the Quantum Realm.

Taking over the Cassie role is Kathryn Newton (Blockers, Supernatural) who more than adequately fills the Cassie boots, but it saddens me to think of what Emma Fuhrmann the Endgame elder Cassie, could have been. Fuhrmann’s subtle innocence was what I thought could have completed a launch for a truly unknown actress.

Newton, who excelled at Claire in Supernatural, does bring her witty strength to bear and is a great connection to the Rudd daughter dynamic. In many ways the Supernatural artistry of her character in the series as a reoccurring character in several seasons provided the delivery for what makes her good casting for the Cassie, lead.

In the first Ant-Man film the story was developed and the plot was run through Hank Pym, and Michael Douglas (Wallstreet, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) characters but in this story, Janet, Michelle Pfeiffer (What Lies Beneath, Stardust) is the catalyst for the development of the story and the secondary hero.

Hope, Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit, Real Steel) strengthens her connection with Scott Lang through her relationship with Cassie. It does seem Hank has chosen to do so as well, possibly due to Cassie seeking out his shrinking scientific studies during the “Blip”.

This led to Cassie’s creation of a device that connects to the Quantum Realm in hopes that good can come of understanding, mainly so Dad or surrogate G-Ma don’t get lost for years, again.

The world of the Quantum Realm is vast and expansive to not even try to explain any part of what was created in only a few painted frames years ago in comics, and is in no way fair to try to explain the levels of the drugs they and I mean all these comic book artists, hippies and well hell Americans in the 60s and 70s when the heyday of the comics sold worldwide birthed into existence things like Kang, the Multiverse, and Thanos! And you watched that, … Right Down the Pipe!

15th Dallas International Film Festival