Ghostbusters Afterlife Honors Legacy

17th Dallas International Film Festival

Ghostbusters afterlife may go down as Jason reitman’s greatest directorial work. Yes I know he has had Oscar nominations for other films but to wade through the fan base of the Ghostbusters franchise alone and put out such a connective work is truly astounding.

The introduction of the Spengler grandchildren connects in a brilliant way to the original Ghostbusters. Most of the audience will relive their grandparents love through this unique story of afterlife. From the introduction of the trailer we could see the resemblance Between Harold ramous and McKenna grace is Phoebe.

The connective process of Phoebe and Spengler is the draw the audience will follow to the heart of the original Ghostbusters. Though many may connect to the portrayal of Trevor Finn Wolfhard and the work he has done in stranger things especially given stranger things 80s connection and Ghostbusters nod in season 2.

Paul Rudd’s portrayal shows that his comedic sensibility places him clear in the path of the Ghostbusters franchise. I hope should we get another movie of this Ghostbusters afterlife world we get to see Paul Rudd as a true ghostbuster.

The core story of family that runs through the entire story. In the end, Ghostbusters Afterlife honors the legacy of the franchise and connect once again. And the answer to the question “Are you a god?”, is always yes.

15th Dallas International Film Festival