POR-Too Live (Points Of Reference)—–Teenage Bounty Hunters

17th Dallas International Film Festival

The coming-of-age story you never knew you needed. Originally titled Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters is way more than a typical teen drama. Currently, titled Teenage Bounty Hunters (TBH) the Kathleen Jordan (Threesome, American Princess) helmed not as much of the sexual slap in the face you would think of with the original title would indicate, but a fun and inventive story of two teenagers making their way through the torrent of the hormonal waters of adolescence.

This show should be a series that is championed by a group like the Women’s Texas Film Festival or Austin Women in Film, more so than any other project in this lock it down 2020 film world. TBH (Teenaged Bounty Hunters) is best described as the smashed together with the worlds of “Saved” (2004 Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin) and “Domino” (2005 Keira Knightly, Mickey Rourke)

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Anjelica Bette Fellini is a comedic talent that is an A-list star in the making. Her Hollywood pedigree is unparalleled and could be the source of her quirky timing. Her portrayal seeps into the creases of the plot and could be overlooked, which would be a mistake when viewing the entire first season. Being at the start of her career, but barely into the depth of what I believe can be full of outstanding future performances.

Fellini is paralleled by costar Maddie Phillips (Ghost Wars, Supernatural) who slaloms along for the other side of her twin sister’s power team. Phillip’s character provides the moral center for the duo, she does much to question her pleasurable pursuits when her opposite twin lives for the moment. This youthful view is survived by ’80s loved actor Kadeem Hardison (Black Monday, White Men Can’t Jump), in a time before generally,.. your parents. So, know this… Hardison was the quintessential watermark of COOL! The Dwayne character on A Different World (think the Cosby Show version of “Grown-ish”) was an American icon, from the signature glasses- (which was fully a trend of its own) through his badass but geeky demeanor.

The driving force of this plot and story for the series is derived from the ‘actual’ Bounty Hunter, Bowser portrayed by Hardison agrees to train the twins in the proper apprehension of bail jumpers. This makes us Gen-Xers want to flip down our shades to overt my eyes from the glare that is the 90’s beat-down education of A Different World. #DeepReference Just understands this casting choice will make your parents too excited to awkwardly watch this show with you. I’d have them catch up to you somewhere near Ep 3. Unless yawls are cool like that? I could never really watch sex scenes with my parents in the same room!?.. Eww! As the girls I go to school with would say., theaters, well ya… stuck. Its viewing was somehow less of a thing.

But, the content was the best show in the awkward and exploratory nature of a couple of high schoolers should learn.

Properly in the step of the directors?

The biggest takeaway for the entertainment bubble is the convincing titles Netflix is showcasing its ability to garnish a repertoire that continues to rival broadcast television majors. All at a pace that should scare cable companies at the possibility of Netflix someday adding channels in a web-based or broadcast manner that could find worldwide populations cutting the cord in record fashion.

I will guarantee laughs, and it is Netflix what do you have to lose, …but time?

The cream can always rise to the top but it may need another network, but it may need a new group to make this happen.

Daniel Robert Durrett

15th Dallas International Film Festival