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Black Widow Stings True

15th Dallas International Film Festival

Marvel’s forte into the female helmed Black Widow provides all any Marvel fans could want, and more. A female story, starring the female Avenger, check. An Avenger movie directed by a female with a feminine perspective, check. Action showcasing Black Widow’s unique skill set, check. Answering the real questions involving Black Widow’s past, check

Now that those are covered can we have the peanut gallery shut their traps long enough to let the filmmakers have a decent chance of telling a story that is worth going back to a theater. After several delays, we the Marvel audience will get that chance with Scarlet Johansen’s reprisal of her famed character Natasha Romanoff returns, to put any doubters to rest.

The Cate Shortland (Lore, Somersault) helmed Marvel telling of the unanswered questions about the Avengers only female member.

The humor made be this film’s true secret power, the story told through the revisiting of her first family brings the greatest understanding to the character. You get to understand why Black Widow calls herself a spy and the rest of the world calls her an assassin.

Her sister, Florence Pugh (Midsommar, Little Women), Yelena Belovia fulfills the little sister role to utter perfection filled with quick verbal jabs and rounds out the performance as a doting younger sister who obviously loved and respects her sibling.

Her Mother Rachel Weize (The Mummy, The Constant Gardner)
Her Father Alexi portrayed by David Harbour (The Equalizer, Hellboy) who served as the family’s leader in their previous missions. Harbour’s stand-out performance as the Red Guardian shines next his costars. The character may be the sweet spot for the actor whose Hell boy performance though not well received well may have led to his casting as the Red Guardian.

Her greatest advisory
And her greatest regret and the items whose action has placed the red in her ledger as Romanoff has referred to throughout her Avengers career.

In some ways this film may be the character of Black Widow that has provided the stamp of approval in the way this films story is before the character’s death in Avengers: Endgame.

15th Dallas International Film Festival