Five Reasons Shooter McGavin is More Evil than Darth Vader

17th Dallas International Film Festival
At a simple glance, Darth Vader would appear to the average viewer to be the more evil of the pairing, but with a deeper view, I will show you the five traits that prove Shooter McGavin is the MORE Evil villain. Childish Pettiness- Shooter demands that Happy takes his shot over the fallen scaffolding. While Vader and the Emperor only demand Luke join the dark side AND allow Luke access to his light-saber. Psychological warfare – Shooters secret agent and using his celebrity to bring attention to Chubb’s death which indirectly was Happy’s fault deepening his depression about the loss of his Grandmother’s home. Then later Shooter buys the home to keep the home from returning to the Gilmore family. It is true that with the use of the force Vader can reach across the universe and call to Luke, but could this not just be a dad trying to connect with his son? Maybe Shooter really needed that hug from his dad, he definitely needed the love of some family member, perhaps if Shooter had a grandmother like Happy’s nana this would be a different story. Bureaucracy & Administrative red-tape- Shooter attempts to change the rules to provide any advantage he can over Happy. Steps in against Happy to pressure the PGA whenever he can provide influence to the governing administration. This could be the one area that the Empire has Shooter beat hands down, the one way Vader and the Empire could be more evil is the process of paperwork. One could only imagine the number of emails and memos needed for a Death-Star. Physical harm- due to the pressure placed on Bob Barker and the Happy pairing at the Pro-Am pushed the duo to the point of fisticuffs, to gain Happy’s suspension, all without the benefit of the Jedi mind trick, Shooter didn’t need the force. But, if getting your ass kicked by Bob “The Price is Right” Barker he as well had someone hit Happy with a car on his behalf taking away Happy’s super swing. Vader did on more than one occasion force throw items at Luke but, this could be seen as a show of his dark-side forces. In many ways the brochure of look what you will get when you join the dark side. At most this was recruiting or hazing from a father to a son, what could be called parental strengthening. Pure theft- Shooter when presented with pure failure steals the golden jacket of the championship. The theft in the Star Wars world is done at the hands of the rebellion never by the Empire, the Empire doesn’t need to steal they already have it. (and by It I mean whatever they need, HELL they have two). So with a clear view, it is not hard to understand Vader is a dad who was lacking role-models, whose social skills leave much to be desired. But, truly a Dad trying desperately to connect with his son and quite unsure how to do what a Dad should do to be a father. However, Shooter without a doubt IS EVIL.
15th Dallas International Film Festival