Review: Avengers Endgame Everything You Ever Wanted

15th Dallas International Film Festival


~Spoiler Free Review~

After Twenty-one feature films it all comes down to the Endgame. Avenger’s fans will get a masterful reprieve from their Infinity War depression in the purposeful and poetic character piece that is Endgame.

Not enough can be said about the historic feat accomplished by Kevin Feige, Jon Favreau, and the Marvel team. The massive cinematic universe created in such weaved fashion with threads of story that extend from the screen through television and even down to the web.

Never before has the silver screen shown such a build up for a final film in a series.

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were adapted in such a way as to not have included other forms of media in the manner taken up by Marvel and this cinematic universe. The story leads all the way to this film providing the manner to end this storyline and show the defeat of Thanos. ~Not a spoiler everyone knows this is coming! The trailer for Endgame from its opening scene you hear the voice over from Tony Stark reminding the audience that this story began with Ironman (2008).

“Gah, it seems like a thousand years ago that I fought my way out of that cave.”            ~Tony Stark, Ironman

In this vast universe, we as fans have seen most of the heroes in every state of ass-kicker but, this film truly develops the characters in a way that we have yet to experience these characters. From the introduction of Hawkeye’s Ronin to Tony Stark floating in space with no hope of survival, the audience will see a side of these characters that open eyes and shows perspective.

The process of integrating all of these heroes that have been introduced to the fan-base in the past and making the story flow was handled in such a superlative manner my ass never knew that it was a 3-hour run-time. Just like Disney World, the final fight sequence is so massive it is too much to see with one visit. The level in which the Marvel landscape was built is a testament to how invested we, as an audience, have become within these films.

The title only warned that fans would collectively come to the END, however its completion felt more to me like an accomplishment than a sorrow filled conclusion. The film provides many possibilities that look to the future of the Marvel moniker. The Spiderman: Far From Home, The Black Panther sequel and Black Widow prequel have all been announced prior to Endgames release.

The greatest part is having been along for the immersive ride you get to experience as a fan of these films so see Phase I wrap up in the way Endgame presents its conclusion.

The film fully needs to be experienced on the BIG screen, so obviously! Worth the full ticket price, t-shirt and shot glass with celebration shot if offered. It is worth the time to revisit the films Avengers (2012) Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

(Spoiler Filled) Through the Quantum Zone…

15th Dallas International Film Festival