John Landis DIFF ~Dallas Musem of Art Interview

Gwendolynn speaks with John Landis on the DIFF Honors Red Carpet. Photo By Daniel R. Durrett

Panel interview with John Landis at the Dallas Museum of Art.

During the 17th Dallas International Film Festival.

Interview moderated by Chris Vognar of the Dallas Morning News. April 2017. Discussion includes Landis’ start in the industry as a stuntman and production assistant. His famous films like “Blues Brother”, “Trading Places” and “American Werewolf in London”

“The director’s job is to take the blame.” Said to John Landis by Alfred Hitchcock in an elevator as the answer to the question, what does a director do?

John Landis received an award at the DIFF Honors Banquet, it was presented to him by his son writer/ director Max Landis.

Check the link below for Gwendolynn’s interview from the DIFF Honors Red Carpet. Includis John Landis commentary of why DriveByMovies is just a horrifying name for a website about movies. Are we still in trouble Mr. Landis if we are DriveXMovies? -Asking for a friend  😉

John Landis- Red Carpet

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