Author: Alyson Powers

Short film "Listen" Star, Jessica Graham.

A Dinner and Damage: Trapped in Safe Places

I read an article recently in Thought Catalog and a quote. “Damaged people, damaged people.” Or… they use them or subtly abuse them, or yes, beat them. Jessica’s direction focuses on the silence (ironically) and the blur of time passing with an abusive partner. Do people allow abuse because they see their significant other’s damage and love them enough to […]

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Greener Grass Courtesy Gulp Splash Productions and Vanishing Angle 2019

Splitting Personalities in Greener Grass

Greener Grass Courtesy Gulp Splash Productions and Vanishing Angle 2019 Absurdity captures attention— and Greener Grass jumps all over this. In a hyper-surreal world writers Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn Luebbe, and director Paul Briganti place real? humans in a Sims setting. Insert here a brief synopsis of the story but for two days I’ve been trying to figure it out. As […]

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Elizabeth Banks stars in Sony PIctures' BRIGHTBURN.

Review: ‘Brightburn’ Dives into a New Genre and Hits Bottom

Elizabeth Banks stars in Sony PIctures’ BRIGHTBURN. Courtesy of SONY Pictures. Brightburn is a special effects make-up artist’s paradise. I imagine the director walking in the story board room and requesting the vilest images to be brought to life. In David Yarovesky’s latest project since Guardians of the Galaxy, you might expect a supernatural, adventure-filled, horror film—and you would be […]

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From Catharsis to Renaissance  Dallas’ Own: Michael Cain

From Catharsis to Renaissance Dallas’ Own: Michael Cain

Alyson Powers speaks with Michael Cain at the EarthX headquarters. Michael Cain is the co-founder of EarthX Film and the president of the organization.  His background is in production, direction, and business.  Prior to EarthX Film Michael operated as CEO at AFI based in Southern California and also saw Deep Ellum Film Festival through to its success and its adaptation […]

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Dumbo ~ Directed by Tim Burton

Review: Nostalgia is the Reason for Your Tears

By Alyson Powers @ReelNewz Bring tissues. If you remember the original Dumbo at all..!…. This one fulfills a heartfelt attempt to embrace nostalgia through live-action and relatable drama. In 1941, only the fourth production out of the Disney universe, Dumbo was released in all color and effervescent effects as was the Disney style at the time.  It released only days […]

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