Our Team

Here is some info on out team.


Editor In Chief ~ Daniel R. Durrett

Proud Dallasite was a graduate of Skyline High School where he lettered in 6 sports prior to serving in the Navy on the USS Essex. Durrett attended Texas Tech Universtityfor RHIM and is currently attending Eastfield College where he is a contributing writer to their award winning college paper. He has hopes of transferring to Sothern Methodist University and completing his degree in RTF.

Crowder Roderick copy

Chief Technical Offiicer / Tech Vader ~ Roderick R. Crowder

Roderick is a native Texan who attended the University of Houston and The University of Texas at Arlington. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a serial entrepreneur and loves film and the industry.


Senior Correspondent ~ Gwendolynn Murphy

Gwendolynn is a Senior Correspondent for Reelnewz.


Field Correspondent ~ Alison

Alison Powers is a Field Correspondent for Reelnewz.